Songbird Origins

Hi, my name is Natalie Andrews and I am a vocal coach, singer, actor, musician, and teaching artist. Songbird Studios is my music laboratory and creative haven. I love guiding people along their creative journeys and believe that singing, making music, and artistic expression have benefits for everyone.

I caught the love of vocal expression and music at a very young age. One of my favorite childhood memories is sitting in a giant sky blue arm chair with a sing-a-long book belting out nursery rhymes while my Grandma crooned along. Music class was always a bright spot in my day. Another favorite time of mine is co-writing silly songs or poems with my Nana about silly innocuous things, a habit that has stuck with me and resulted in many kitchen jingles and odes to my cats over the years.

When I got a little older I joined my school choir which was led by an extremely passionate and nurturing leader who encouraged me to take voice lessons. I followed her guidance and this is where the seed of Songbird Studios was planted. I am so very grateful for the experience of taking private music lessons. It was such a dream to have time every week to learn more about my vocal instrument with someone engaged in my creative growth and artistry.

In voice lessons, I help people reclaim and rediscover the power of their own vocal sound. I lead individuals to breathe deeply and with awareness. I reconnect people with their vocal impulses. I help people overcome creative obstacles and regulate performance anxiety in order to express themselves with comfort and ease. I relate music theory and vocal anatomy concepts in understandable ways that allow people to feel more confident in their technical knowledge.

To catch an upcoming performance or catch what I have been up to outside of Songbird, follow this link. My theatre/film resume is available upon request.